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Version 1.0

WordPress Landing Pages Made Easy

One of the hardest parts of getting started with WordPress is finding a good landing page. Not only that, every single page on your website is seen as a landing page by visitors so they must be good and grab attention.

Selling a new product? We have a Landrr for that. Selling two? Just make a new Variation. Simple as that!

Unlimited Landrrs

Each Landing Page is hooked up to the WordPress Theme Customiser giving you Unlimited variations of your landing page.

Fast & Easy

Pick your Landrr, Customise it and choose it to display. All without a single line of code. Your new landing page is ready in minutes.

Top Notch Support

All of our plugins are built to the highest standards. Top Notch support with getting Landrr installed. 5 star support included with the price.

Oh and don't forget, all the Landrr's are great landing pages which look good on any device.

About Landrr

important features & other stuff

Before you decide if you want to buy this plugin, you'll want to have a read through the plugin features. Take a look at what the plugin is built on. The Power of Landrr comes with it's easy to customise landing pages.

Landrrs galore

You can customise and vary all the landrrs included. This gives you infinite landing pages for any page on your site.


If you've ever used the WordPress Theme Customiser then you'll be able to use Landrr. If not, we have documentation included.

Built On Bootstrap

The Landrrs in our collection are built on bootstrap so look beautiful on any device. You can add custom CSS to any of the Landrrs to change things even further.

Awesome Support

We stand behind all of our products with great support. Read the documentation first and then reach out for help if you need.

Affordable Price

For half the price of usual WordPress Themes, you get 6 (and counting) landrrs. Yes, it's a packed plugin, but with a really great price. Cool right?

6 Landrrs

Only 6? Well we are only getting started. 6 turns into infinity with the variations you can easily create. If you see a cool landing page let us know and we will look to incorporate it.


The icons you see are font-awesome. Change them easily in the customiser. Wow. The easiest way to display your landers.

Easy Configuration

No need to be an expert. Just change the text and your images using the WordPress Theme Customiser and you are done.

Forever Evolving

We plan to add new landrrs and provide updates to the plugin. All included in the first & only payment.

Beautiful Landrrs.

See it, to believe it. Check out what Landrr can do!

Check out some of the landing pages included in Landrr. Customise your Landrr and choose it as your page template and you're good to go.


An amazing landrr to capture attention


Dark and Moody, with bold lettering


Perfect for sharing your portfolio


Selling a product or a service. This is for you.


Minimalistic with your latest blog posts.


A great landing page for offering your services

more coming soon

Sooo Many Variations.

Want to A/B test your Landrrs?

Each Landrr variation comes with it's own URL so you can easily setup experiments on Google to see which page is performing the best!


Green, bold colours


Black, Bold


Black, Epic Themes


Fancy, Minimal images


Custom Image. Eye catching


Red and Grey, different background

Not seen enough?

Seriously, this could go on all day!

Customise everything from the text, to the colours to the imagery, on every landrr. As many times as you like. Forever. That's like.. ages!

But, if you must see more of the plugin in action, head over to our vimeo videos!

Awesome Plugin, Awesome Price

Regular price is $ 299. 90% OFF for a VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Grab The Plugin Now

Are You Crazzyyyyy? Only $29 for this amazing plugin? Yep, a single landing page alone can cost $20 and personally we've spent over $500 in the last year alone on landing pages for various projects. With Landrr there's no catch, no tricks. Just one price. Use Landrr on unlimited domains with a limetime licence.

What is included?

Version 1.0 comes with 6 Landrrs, with unlimited variations and a documentation file. Free support and updates included.

Exclusive via Epic Plugins

Landrr is sold through epic plugins. When you click the "Buy" button you'll be redirected to epic plugins to purchase.

Doubts, Questions & More

If you have pre-purchase questions, doubts or want to suggest us a new template or feature, please write directly to